Rainbow Pencil Tops
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4. Hollow a hole in each cotton ball and glue the end of the pencil into the hole.


1. Glue the arms to the wrong side of the tabard as shown.

2. Turn over the tabard and glue the pocket and green sticker (for promise badge) on the front.

3. Push the end of the pencil through the neck hole in the tabard, so that it meets the head. Glue the tabard to the pencil.

4. Fold the arms towards the front.

5. Glue the hair to the top of the head and trim if necessary.

6. Glue goggle eyes, nose and mouth onto face.

7. Leave to dry.
- It may be useful to use polystyrene cups turned upside-down with a hole, to stand the pencils in to dry, or use something similar.

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Hannah Lamb 2000, Great Missenden District Guides