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Below are some of the wagons we expect to release over the next few months. The exact schedule may vary, depending on Dapol’s other commitments, and our own domestic activities. We do not offer images of forthcoming wagons, to ensure our products remain exclusive and interesting.

January 2020 - expected for Southampton MREx, 25/26th January.

No.378      Longmoor Military Railway, rectangular tank wagon [rectank] No.701

Khaki green body, white lettering.   
Suitable: Military Railways, maybe others

Variation on Authentic; original was open wagon  

For sixty years the British Army operated a railway dedicated to training soldiers to operate a complete strategic rail supply system. Located on somewhat boggy heathland between Bordon and Liss, on the Hampshire-Sussex border, the facility was initially called the Woolmer Instructional Military Railway (W.I.M.R.). It developed, both in its purpose and its geography, becoming the Longmoor Military Railway (L.M.R) in 1935. It played an a pivotal role in training soldiers and officers to understand the complex and inter-related aspects of railway construction, engineering, repair, operations, traffic, and management, all from a military viewpoint.      

£15.00 each


No.379      Hall’s Pale Ale Brewery of Alton, Vent van No.2, [we only reserved a small stock of this wagon and it is now sold out] and   
No.380     Hall’s Pale Ale Brewery of Alton, Vent van No.8 are only available from the Mid Hants Railway Wagon Group: Contact details from ourselves (contact details will be posted here after 26th January, when we know they will have the stock available).

No.381      Herbert Rigler of Bournemouth Central, Coal Merchant, 5-plank wagon on 9’ wheelbase wagon with coal load, No.106

Dark red body, white lettering shaded black.   
Suitable: LSWR, SR, S&DJR, probably GWR, others


Herbert Rigler senior established himself in 1879, possibly aged 14, as a coal, coke and firewood, corn, hay and straw merchant and contractor. He soon had premises at 136 (later re-numbered as 358) Wimborne Road, Winton. His eldest son, Herbert Thomas Rigler, emigrated to Australia in 1908 , after family arguments, and was subsequently killed on the Somme in 1916. His younger brother, Alfred Rigler, took over the business in 1924, which soon amalgamated with (was taken over by?) Bradford & Sons Ltd, Coal Factors of Yeovil.  

£13.00 each

No.382      Young & Co. Brewery of Wandsworth, SR Box Van No.51

Chocolate brown body, Gold lettering and logo, black shadows and detail.   
Suitable: LSWR, LBSCR, SR, maybe others

Tailored, based on historic documents.

The first indication of brewing at the Ram Inn was from 1576 when a Humphrey Langridge was recorded as a ‘beer-brewer at Wandsworth’, then a village in Surrey. The brewery was eventually taken over in 1831 by Charles Young and Anthony Bainbridge. Since then it has been associated with the Young family, the last chairman was John Young, the great-great-grandson of the founder. Young & Co closed its brewery in 2005 to concentrate on its 220 tied public houses, selling the land to property developers, and out-sourcing its brewing interests to Charles Wells Ltd of Bedford.   

£15.00 each

February; due in for 29th February

No.383     Longmoor Military Railway, Box van, No.WD 3817

Khaki green body, white lettering.   
Suitable: Military Railways, maybe others


See above for Longmoor Military Railway description

£15.00 each

No.384     E.Baily & Son of Warminster, Bulk Grain hopper wagon No.18

Black body, white lettering, light grey roof.   
Suitable: SR, GWR, S&DJR, LMS, maybe others

Variation on Authentic, based on road vehicle examples.

E.Baily & Son were maltsters, based in Frome, with private sidings to the Station Maltings, Frome. They had other substantial maltings across the West Country, at Avonmouth and later Portishead near Bristol, at Southampton and at Warminster. Although there were not brewers themselves, they were shareholders in a number of independent breweries, including Lamb Brewery in Frome, and Bath Arms Brewery, Bruton; they also had associations with the Mansfield Brewery Co. in Nottinghamshire

£15.00 each         


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