Upcoming Products

Below are some of the wagons we expect to release over the next few months. The exact schedule may vary, depending on Dapol’s other commitments, and our own domestic activities. We do not offer images of forthcoming wagons, to ensure our products remain exclusive and interesting.

December 2019 - expected in by 6th Dec.

376. JJ Allen, Furniture Suppliers, of Bournemouth, road-rail shipping container, un-numbered, on LSWR flat wagon No.5833

Chocolate Brown and Cream body, chocolate and cream lettering

Suitable: GWR, L&SWR, SR, S&DJR

Variation on Authentic, based on road vehicle examples.

Description to follow

£18.00 each

377. Blue Circle Cement (Isle of Wight-based), 5-plank, 9' wheelbase wagon, No.33

Sunshire Yellow wagon, black lettering, with signature blue and white logo

Suitable: Isle of Wight Railways, others


Description to follow

£13.00 each


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