Upcoming Products

Below are some of the wagons we expect to release over the next few months. The exact schedule may vary, depending on Dapol’s other commitments, and our own domestic activities. We do not offer images of forthcoming wagons, to ensure our products remain exclusive and interesting.

Due in for End of January 2018, for Southampton MREx at Barton Peveril College


328. Crowley & Sons, Brewery, Alton, SR Box Van No.21 (only 25 available from Wessex Wagons, so please pre-order now) £12.50 each

329. Crowley & Sons, Brewery, Alton, SR Box Van No.22 (only 25 available from Wessex Wagons, so pre-order now) £12.50 each

Note that further supplies of these two wagons will be available directly from the Mid Hants Railway WagonGroup; contact details to be added early in 2018

330. A.T.Frampton of Bournemouth, Coal Merchant, 7-plank 9' wheel-base wagon No.13. £11.00 each

331. Aldridge Brewery of Southampton, SR Box Van No.2. £12.50 each

332. Alum Bay Sand & Gravel Co.Ltd, Yarmouth IoW, 4-plank wagon with signature sand load, No.7. £11.00 each

333. T Gange & Sons of Cowes IoW, 7-plank 9' wheel-base wagon, No.6. £11.00 each

334. Coopers, East Street Brewery, Southampton, SR Box Van No.1937. £12.50 each


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