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3 new wagons are due to be released in August/September

5 new wagons are due for release at the Taunton MREx.



The past two years have been a bit ‘swings and roundabouts’ for small businesses such as ours, especially with no shows to attend. It has, however, given us time to review our ongoing personal ambitions. Bruce is due to retire from the “day job” within the next 18 months and we have decided that it is also an opportune time for us to gently withdraw from Wessex Wagons.  After 16 years Bruce will certainly welcome the free time to get on with his own railway modelling project in the house (and he's bought a new boat!), and I will welcome the extra space without boxes of wagons and all the paraphernalia that goes with them!

For some time now we have been in discussion with the team at the Yeovil Railway Centre. We are now pleased to announce that they will be taking over the Wessex Wagons business from 1st June 2022. In recent years, and with our advice and support, they have produced a modest collection of local wagons. Taking on the stewardship of Wessex Wagons will further boost their regional profile and help focus their trading opportunities. The shared expectation is that there will be a ’soft’ transition through the rest of 2022, and that the Yeovil Railway Centre team will strive to maintain the quality, style, diversity and geographical coverage that the Wessex Wagons enterprise is valued for. We are confident that Wessex Wagons will continue to flourish under their care!

So a handful of practical details:

We would like to thank you all for your support and purchases over the years and trust that you will continue to support the Yeovil Railway Centre as they take over the reins. We have enjoyed developing Wessex Wagons into the largest producer of limited edition wagons in the country, attending so many model railway shows, and meeting so many individuals and enthusiasts across the modelling and collecting fraternity. It has been a pleasure, occasionally a challenge, but definitely a great ride!


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