Upcoming Products

Below are some of the wagons we expect to release over the next few months. The exact schedule may vary, depending on Dapol’s other commitments, and our own domestic activities. We do not offer images of forthcoming wagons, to ensure our products remain exclusive and interesting.

January 2019 - to be available at Southampton MREx, 26/27th January.


(No.353 Hunt & Co, Brewers, New Alresford, SR Box Van No.3 - Not to be stocked by Wessex Wagons - only available from Mid Hants Railway Wagons Group after 26th January)

No.354 Hunt & Co, Brewers, New Alresford, SR Box Van No.6 - to be stocked by both Wessex Wagons and Mid Hants Railway Wagons Group from 26th January £13.50 each

No.355 Liverpool Bristol & Hayle Steamship Co., Road-rail Shipping container No.18 on G.W.R. conflat No.39702 £18.00 each

No.356 S & T.N Blake & Co, Brewers, Gosport, SR Box Van No.4 £13.50 each

No.357 Llewellyn Merrett & Price Ltd, Coal Factors, London & Southampton, 8-plank wagon with coal load, No.A4520. £12.50 each

We will endeavour to post detailed descriptions of these wagons during December 2018

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