Royal Command Performance 1912

The first Royal Command Performance in front of King George V and Queen Mary was held at the Palace Theatre, London on 1 July 1912.  Florrie and Arthur Gallimore were among the impressive array of talent that performed in front of the royal entourage that day.

Included in the cast were the world-famous classical dancer Anna Pavlova, the 'Prime Minister of Mirth' George Robey, the Scottish singer Harry Lauder and juggler Paul Cinquevalli who was considered to be the greatest in modern times.

The photograph gives a flavour of the occasion and the accompanying cast list and key enables identification of the participants.  Unfortunately not everyone in the key is visible.  Follow the link on the 'Links Page' to see the Theatre Museum's souvenir programme.

Royal Command Performance Cast

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Royal Command Performance Plan

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Royal Command Performance Key

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