This Information relates to the genealogical studies of Dr Adrian Finch, Mrs Valerie Finch and Mr Anthony Finch collected from the 1980’s onwards. It is all very much research in progress. They relate to a number of projects:

1. Genealogy of ourselves and allied families, including the surnames:










2. Genealogical studies of early (up to 1750) clock and watchmakers particularly in and around London. Surnames here include:





            GRINKIN, and

3. Topological studies of specific places related to above, particularly:

            REDBOURN, HERTS (where the Finch family originated).


The Information is divided into the following sections:

1. Genealogical Notes (i.e. original notes made in record offices),

2.  Images of original documents (including certificates),

3.  Photographs (including places and or people),

4. Transcripts of original documents,

5.  Indexes taken from notes,

6.  Data in GEDCOM format for particular families of interest,

7.  Reports on specific families or copies of the texts of articles,

8.  Records of correspondence relating to our studies.

A short description of each of these file classes is given below.

All information is © Dr Adrian Finch 26th October 2006

Description Summaries

1. Genealogical Notes

The original information collected by us at record offices around the country is listed here. Information was often collected in written form and then transcribed for electronic storage. Where data were collected in later (post 2000) times, these were made directly onto a laptop without transcription. The data have sometimes been collated into synopses or reports. These refer to files in which we have collected together information from several sources into a single continuous. Examples might be collections of wills, court rolls etc. arranged in a chronological order distinct from the original notes or documents.

2. Images of original documents

Many original documents have been copied as part of the present study. Documents include: a) Material held at record offices which are often collected as photocopies and then scanned in, b) Certificates held by family members, and latterly c) Material held at record offices and copied directly by them into electronic formats. The nature of the documents is wide-ranging but includes: a) Wills, b) Equity Suits, c) Holograph letters, d) Rates, subsidies and rentals etc.. These are often in high resolution (400 dpi+) formats to allow enlargements to be made. I have also scanned in or downloaded images of maps. The number of these documents on-line is restricted by concerns about copyright.

3. Photographs of places and people


Photographs of many family members have been scanned in and are found on the database. Theses come from many different family members and are subdivided according to who owned the original. In addition, I have included photographs of places of interest at the present day such as houses where people were born, or landmarks as they appear today.

4. Transcripts of original documents

It is quite often important to transcribe documents to extract all the genealogical information from them, particularly where the palaeography is difficult. These transcripts are included here. Again, the nature of the documents is varied but documents of particular interest have included wills and equity suits. Occasionally, I have scanned in using OCR printed texts or transcripts to give files that are searchable using text-based search engines.

5. Indexes

These are indexes gleaned from the original notes of i.e. Wills and Equity Suits. I also have hardcopy card indexes of baptisms, marriages, burials, apprenticeships, wills, and university & school admissions. These are not searchable electronically.

6. Data in GEDCOM formats for specific families

These include both files generated in the course of our studies, and data downloaded from the Internet. Of course, we give no guarantees for data downloaded from the net, as we often find it inaccurate!

7. Reports and Synopses

These include reports on individual families or groups of families. I have also started a ‘magnum opus’ report on the family of Finch in early (up to 1600) England, focusing particularly on my own family from Redbourn in Hertfordshire. However there is also a great deal of information about other families, Finches or otherwise. These are amalgamations of all sources into single coherent genealogies and/or biographies.

8. Records of Correspondence

These are copies of letters we have sent to a variety of organisations relating to our genealogical research. In later years they also include e-mails.

All information in any part is © 2006 Dr Adrian Finch, Mrs Valerie Finch and Mr Anthony Finch