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The Principalities of Glantri

A secluded land ringed by pine-forests and mountains in which most people live in the fertile but narrow river valleys. Glantri is known as the 'Kingdom of Magic' as it is ruled by magic users and they have made the laws to suit themselves. Dwarves enter on pain of death as did clerics until recently.
The land is divided into a number of principalities each ruled by a Prince of Princess. Most are dominated by humans but some have a large contingent of elves (Belcadiz, Erewan). Humanoids have become more common and are threatening the stability of some realms. Vampires and lycanthropes are other dangers in Boldavia and Nouvelle Averoigne respectavely.

Gazetteer Maps

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Glantri - Thumbnail The Principalities Of Glantri CC2 Format Map The Principalities Of Glantri (GIF Format)
Skullhorn Pass Camp - Thumbnail Skullhorn Pass Camp CC2 Format Map Skullhorn Pass Camp (GIF Format)
Trintan Village - Thumbnail Trintan Village CC2 Format Map Trintan (GIF Format)
Lhamsa - Thumbnail Village Of Lhamsa CC2 Format Map Village Of Lhamsa (GIF Format)
Glantri City - Thumbnail Glantri City CC2 Format Map Glantri City (GIF Format)
Wizard's Keep- Thumbnail A Typyal Glantrian Wizard's Keep CC2 Format Map Wizard's Keep(GIF Format)
Glantri Great School Of Magic - Thumbnail Glantri Great School Of Magic CC2 Format Map Great School of Magic(Gif Format)

Glantri Module Maps

Module X2 - Castle Amber

Creature Crucible

Night Howlers


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