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The Grand Duchy Of Karameikos

This is a heavily forested nation only recently formed from a loose association of petty baronies. Ruled by Duke Stefan Karameikos, an ambitious Thyation noble, who gained independance for Karameikos in exchange for his ancestrial lands in Thyatis. Adventure posibilities are endless. Monsters dwell in the dense forests and high mountain peaks. Ruins of the old Traladaran civilization lie waiting for discovery. Vampires, goblins, bugbears are common but almost any creature can be found in this realm.

Gazetteer Maps

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Karameikos - Thumbnail The Grand Duchy Of Karameikos CC2 Format Map The Grand Duchy Of Karameikos (GIF Format)
Specularum - Thumbnail The City Of Specularum CC2 Format Map The City Of Specularum (GIF Format)
3d Building Inn & City Wall CC2 Diorama File n/a
Duke's Stronghold - Thumbnail The Duke's Stronghold CC2 Format Map The Duke's Stronghold (GIF Format)
Mirror Bay - Thumbnail Mirror Bay - Specularum Harbour CC2 Format Map Mirror Bay (GIF Format)
Karameikos - Large Tavern - Thumbnail Karameikos - Large Tavern CC2 Format Map Karameikos - Large Tavern (GIF Format)
Karameikos - Small Tavern - Thumbnail Karameikos - Small Tavern CC2 Format Map Karameikos - Small Tavern (GIF Format)
Karameikos - Manor House - Thumbnail Karameikos - Manor House CC2 Format Map Karameikos - Manor House (GIF Format)
Kelvin - Thumbnail Kelvin CC2 Format Map Kelvin (GIF Format)
Koriszegy Keep - Thumbnail The Ruins Of Koriszegy Keep CC2 Format Map Koriszegy Keep (GIF Format)

Karameikos Module Maps

Module B10 - Night's Dark Terror
Module X12 - Skarda's Mirror
Module The Dymrak Dread

Karameikos Characters

These are my conversions of NPCs detailed in the Gazetteer and other characters that I have created for use in my adventures set in Karameikos. For detailed backgrounds please refer to the original TSR Gazetteer.

Of Specularum

The Royal Family
Duke Stefan Karameikos
Human Ftr14, Ruler of Karameikos. Statblock Full
Duchess Olivia Karameikos
Human Rog9, Wife of Duke Stefan. Statblock Full
Lady Adriana Karameikos
Human Ftr4, Eldest daughter of Duke Stefan. Statblock Full
Lord Justin Karameikos
Human Ftr2, Eldest son of Duke Stefan. Statblock Full
Lord Valen Karameikos
Human Rog1, Third child of Stefan and Olivia. Statblock Full
Lord Alexius Korrigan
Human Ftr4, Seneschal of the Ducal Estate. Statblock Full
Lord Zogrev Yarol
Human Ftr6/Exp3, Minister of State. Statblock Full
Admiral Lucis Hyraksos
Human Ftr9/Exp3, Minister of War. Statblock Full
Lord Bartram Cordelius
Human Ari12, Minister of Trade. Statblock Full
Lord Valdo Tisza
Human Com4/Exp5, Minister of Finance. Statblock Full
Lord Cornel Osteric
Human Ftr7, Ambassador of the Empire of Thyatis. Statblock Full
Dona Marianita Lucia de Leon y Valdez
Human Wiz15, Ambassador of the Principalities of Glantri. Statblock Full Spellbook
Jenkin Flintfoot
Halfling Exp6, Ambassador of the Five Shires. Statblock Full
Bolto Nordenshield
Dwarf Exp8, Ambassador of Rockhome. Statblock Full
Elf Rgr3/Wiz6, Ambassador of the Alfheim. Statblock Full Spellbook
Gunter Schonberg
Human Ftr11, Ambassador of Ierendi. Statblock Full
Sheik Abdallah ibn Hamid
Human Ftr11, Ambassador of the Emirate of Ylaruam. Statblock Full
Estella Whitehall
Human Exp9, Ambassador of Darokin. Statblock Full
The Clergy
The Church of Karameikos
Lord Olliver Jowett
Human Clr16 (Church of Karameikos); Patriarch of Specularum; Master, Order of the Griffon Statblock Full Spellbook
Human Clr4 (Church of Karameikos); Assistant to the Patriach Statblock Full Spellbook
Alfric Oderbry
Human Clr14 (Church of Karameikos); Opposition Leader Statblock Full Spellbook
Other Faiths
Aleksyev Nikelnevich
Human Clr11 (Church of Traladara); Patriarch Statblock Full Spellbook
Human Clr9 (Cult of Halav); Patriarch Statblock Full Spellbook
The Guilds
Edoard of Threshold
Human Exp6, Head of the Loggers' Guild. Statblock Full
Human Rog16, The Thief-King Statblock Full
Human Wiz14 Head of the Magicians' Guild Statblock Full Spellbook
Anton Radu
Human Rog8/Ari4; Head of the Merchants' Guild Statblock Full
The Clans
The Torenescu Clan
Aleksander Torenescu
Human Ari1, Clan Head. Statblock Full
Boris Torenescu
Human Ari3. Statblock Full
The Radu Clan
Anton Radu
Human Rog8/Ari4; Head of the Merchants' Guild Statblock Full
The Vorloi Clan
Baron Philip Vorloi
Human Ari3; Statblock Full
Emilio the Great
Human Exp8; Thesbian. Statblock Full
Luthier Sforza
Human Exp3/War2; Innkeeper. Statblock Full
Yolanda of Luln
Human Brd6; Entertainer Statblock Full Spellbook
"Lord" Dmitrios
Human Brd4; Prince of Beggers Statblock Full Spellbook

Of The Human Communities

Castle and Village Marilenev
Lady Magda Marilenev
Human Ari6; Head of the Marilenev family. Statblock Full
Vrinak Chaosqueezer
Half-Fiendish Orc Bbn3; In the employ of Lady Magda. Statblock Full
Baron Desmond Kelvin II
Human Clr10; Member of the Order of the Griffon Statblock Full Spellbook


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