Dest-tai The Sage


All statistics are the same as in the OD&D description.


Language, Modern (Glantri) [I] 17
Language, Modern (Ethangar) [I] 17
2 x Ancient History [I] 18
2 x Local History [I] 18
Musical Instrument [D] 5
Astrology [I] 17
Heraldry [I] 17
Etiquette [Ch] 14
Animal Handling [W] 18


1st Edition rules suggest that sages can cast spells. Dest-tai can cast up to three spells a day but no more than one from each level. She knows the following spells.
1st Level: Remove Fear, Resist Cold
2nd Level: Resist Fire, Speak with Animal, Know Alignment
3rd Level: Cure Disease
4th Level: Neutralise Poison

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