Mystaran NPCs

The world of Mystara is full of interesting characters. Some good, some evil, some a bit of both. No one tome can tell of all of them but I hope that within these humble pages some interesting tales can be told.

Ivan KarbarovIvan Karbarov

Ivan is a man of many talents with a fascinating past. Magically ejected from his homeland of Alphatia he found himself in Karameikos. A fighter of elementals and a lover of elves he searches for a way back to his lost homeland.

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Anwar al-JaboorAnwar al-Jaboor

Anwar gave up the cloistered life of a cleric to discover why his best friend was murdered. This led to him being disowned by his family, near death at the hand of his friend's murderer and eventual exile in the deserts of Ylaruam. There he met up with the mysterious metamorphs who have healed him.

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Anwar al-JaboorDest-tai

Dest-tai is a sage of Ethangarian stock who works for Lord Urmahid Kinigar, Count of Skullhorn Pass in Glantri. She is an almost bottomless pool of knowledge but her stern exterior hides a broken heart and a dangerous curse.

Background & Description

All characters designed using Character Artist From ProFantasy.

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