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The Emirates Of Ylaruam

This is a desert land, baking sun with oases set amid a sea of dunes. It's recent history has seen it in conflict with the Thyatians and Alphatians.
The ruler is a direct descendant of the great Al-Kalim but it is said that the Grand Vizier wields great power from behind the throne. The nation is a federation of emirates each with their own ruler and customs.
The climaate and culture is reflected in the strange beasts that can be found in the land. Aerial Servants or 'haoou' are the enemies of the djiinn and are too be avoided. An ancient race of shape shifters, dragons, efreeti, elementals, helions as well as the more common orcs and goblins can be found almost anywhere in the Emirates. Undead are rarer in the south but are common in the north, particularly in the many tombs of the old Emirate of Nithia.

Gazetteer Maps

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Yluaruam - Thumbnail The Emirates Of Ylaruam CC2 Format Map The Emirates Of Ylaruam (GIF Format)
Yluaruam City - Thumbnail City Of Ylaruam CC2 Format Map City Of Ylaruam (GIF Format)
Kirkuk - Thumbnail Kirkuk CC2 Format Map Kirkuk (GIF Format)
Typical Town- Thumbnail A Typical Town CC2 Format Map A Typical Town(GIF Format)
Surra-Man-Raa- Thumbnail Surra-Man-Raa CC2 Format Map Surra-Man-Raa (GIF Format)
Tameronikas - Thumbnail Tameronikas CC2 Format Map Tameronikas (GIF Format)
Dream Of The Desert Garden University - Thumbnail Dream Of The Desert Garden University CC2 Format Map Dream Of The Desert Garden University (GIF Format)
Palce & Residence Of The Caliph - Thumbnail Palace & Residence Of The Caliph CC2 Format Map Palace & Residence Of The Caliph (GIF Format)
Barimoor- Thumbnail Barimoor's Underground Complex CC2 Format Map Barimoor's Underground Complex (GIF Format)

Ylaruam Module Maps

Module B4 - The Lost City


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