The General Data Protection Regulation

This regulation sets out rules on the Club's data security and communication. We need your consent about how we contact you.

How we acquire your data

This is compiled from data you have provided on your membership application form and annual renewal form. We also acquire articles, photos etc which you submit to us for publication. The club expects parents to take responsibility for articles or pictures submitted by their children. If you fail to renew by the due date, your data will be carried forward unless you tell us you do not wish to continue your membership.

The data we hold:

Your first and last name, postal address, phone number, email address, breeds and numbers kept. These data are held on a stand-alone PC by the Secretary, who alone has access to this. Such data may be made available to the Club Chairman and Committee Members for the purpose of carrying out their duties for the Club. No third parties are involved in sending of postal information or emails or in production of the website. We do not hold any personal eg age or financial information (we only accept electronic payments made through banks; no card transactions are accepted)

What we do with your data

We hold names and photos of show participants for publication in our Year Book, Journals or website.

By Post we supply our journal, year book and occasional bird health information. We also send you an annual membership renewal invitation and a catalogue of Club items.

By Email we pass on members queries for your input - your email will normally be forwarded together with your message so you can get the speediest response, but if you request it at the time, I can extract your message and pass it on (this avoids other members receiving your email address). We also distribute bird health information and news. We do not distribute marketing information. We also email Birds for sale or wanted. These will include your first name, county, phone number, email address and details of sale. If you would like any of this information withheld, you must tell us when placing the ad.

The Journal

This includes articles and photos which you send us; these will be credited by your first name and surname. Members' queries and responses, often taken from your email contributions will have your first name only, as credit. It may also include the names of competition winners. The Journal may also include obituaries.

The Year Book

This contains show results and pictures of your birds, or of you and your birds. It may also contain information and pictures of Committee members which they have provided for this purpose. It also includes the names of competition winners.

The Members List

This is included in the Year Book and lists the name, county and phone number of all members.

The Breeders Directory

This is included in the Year Book and lists the breeds you keep, you first and last name, county and telephone number.

The Website

The Website may contain photographs which you have taken and submitted Adverts for birds for sale and wanted are included as described above.

Information supplied to third parties

No data are supplied to marketing organisations.

No individual data are supplied to other poultry or government organisations, though pooled data - eg numbers of a particular breed kept by the Club may be supplied.

Enquiries from non-members wishing to acquire or dispose of stock which, in the opinion of the Secretary, are genuine enquiries, will be provided with information in the Breeders Directory.