For Sale - Toulouse geese, Giant Dewlap Exhibition Strain. Pairs and ganders available. Also a few exceptional Buff Toulouse geese. Colin (Hampshire) or phone 01428 751408

Wanted - Crested Roman geese. John Northern Ireland or phone 07764 221964.

For Sale - Pairs of unrelated Franconian Geese, this year's hatch, 80 pair. Clare (Sevenoaks, Kent (or could meet at Ardingly in July) or phone 07971 010967

Wanted - Two female Sebastopols, preferably Smooth-breasted. Anne Nr Petersfield, Hampshire or phone 01730 829403.

For Sale - Pair White Chinese 50; Pair adult Cackling geese 180; Pair Franconian 250; Pair adult Hawaiian NeNe 130; Pair Swan geese 75. Luke Millward (Dorset) or phone 07788230860

For Sale - Two Brecon Buffs, believed females, this year's hatch. Heather Johnson (Carmarthenshire) or phone 01550 740512

For Sale - Sebastopols from exhibition-winning stock. Jonathan Thompson (South Norfolk) or phone 01379 677710

For Sale - Pairs, or few spare ganders of quality Grey Toulouse, Brown African and Buff African . Couple of pairs show quality Brown[fawn] Chinese. Tony Axon (Devon) 01404 822459

For Sale - Toulouse goslings from exhibition dewlap stock. Lorrie (Pembrokeshire) 01646 600675

For Sale - Embden pairs and stock ganders from exhibition stock. Chris (Nottinghamshire) 01777 711691

Free to good home - One Brecon and two Toulouse ganders from exhibition stock. Mary (Pembrokeshire) 01437 899329

For Sale - Pomeranian goose hatched 2015 from exhibition stock. Well marked. Alec Grey (Gloucestershire) 01453 860041 or 07855 395518

For Sale - Romans bred 2015. Ruth (Ross-shire) 01854 622262

For Sale - A few pairs of exhibition Toulouse and Pilgrim geese now available. Some single ganders also available. Colin Murton (Hampshire) 01428 751408

Wanted - Fertile Greylag Eggs. John Burns (Devon) 01769 520506

For Sale - Young male Steinbachers and young male Toulouse. John Devenny (Omagh) 07764 221964

For Sale - Pairs and trios of Buff and Grey Toulouse and Steinbachers. Charles Holtom, Coventry 01676 523410