As a goose keeper you will be only too aware that the numbers of pure bred geese kept in the UK in the 21st century is very low and this has now been recognised by all the UK waterfowl groups, Rare Breed Survival Trust and DEFRA. Indeed a survey conducted by DEFRA in 2013 showed that numbers of pure bred geese had fallen since an earlier survey they conducted in 2003.

Both DEFRA and the RBST have compiled a list of 'Breeds at risk' which currently includes;

The criteria for selecting these 8 breeds are explained in more detail on the RBST and DEFRA websites. It is for this reason that we are conducting this survey to try to ascertain a better estimate of these geese in the UK by contacting all who we believe may be keeping them. In compiling a list of individuals to approach we have used members of the waterfowl clubs/associations, exhibitors at shows, entries at auction and indeed by word-of-mouth. We have also tried to track individuals supporters of the breeds who have brought stock from established breeders. The list grows continually and we hope that most of the individuals can be confirmed as keeping the designated breed.

Aims of the Survey

We all believe that we cannot be complacent and should be pro-active in enumerating stock levels and identifying all keepers. From this survey we hope to:

  • a. ascertain the UK population of each of the listed pure breeds,
  • b. compile a list of all keepers,
  • c. if possible identify distinct bloodlines,
  • d. determine whether surplus stock is likely to be available,
  • e. attempt to supply newcomers seeking foundation stock and others in sourcing new bloodlines.

Therefore we are asking known goose keepers of these rarer breeds of geese to kindly assist us by completing this questionnaire.

Completed Forms

When complete please return the form to the individual breed registrar for your breed.

All information will be kept as strictly confidential by the Goose Club and not divulged to any party without the individualís consent.

It is also hoped that this information can be used to assist beginners in sourcing stock. It is our intension to publish a brief summary of the results of this survey, but no names/contacts will be made public.

Please help us by taking a few moments to complete this questionnaire

Important Points

  • 1. The Goose Club would like to thank the RBST funding for this survey for without such funds such an exercise would be outside the financial capabilities of the Club.
  • 2. More information and assistance with goose keeping can be found on the Goose Club website
  • 3. Details of the RBST active interest in promoting these rare breeds can be found on their website.
  • 4. Pleasecomplete a separate form for each of the breeds listed above.
  • 5. The Goose Club was set up in 2001 with the aims: - to bring together anyone interested in keeping or breeding domestic geese - to encourage members to widen their knowledge and exchange experiences about geese. - to promote keeping and breeding geese and to assist members in any way, particularly in the welfare of geese - to help preserve all breeds of pure bred domestic geese. - to promote the understanding of goose behaviour. Please do consider joining us. A membership form can be found on our website.

I would like to thank you all in anticipation for assisting us with this survey and your active support in keeping these extremely rare breeds of geese

Colin Murton, Chairman of The Goose Club