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About the breed

A medium sized cat of foreign type with very friendly disposition.  Originally black shaded silver, in time tipped and golden varieties appeared in both full expression and Burmese expression colours.  Now available in black, brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream and all tortie colours in shaded/tipped silver and golden (called standard in GCCF).
Related to Asians (other colours and patterns) and Tiffanies (semi-long haired, all colours and patterns).

My breeding policies

I breed shaded/tipped silver and golden (standard) Burmillas in the main colours i.e. black, brown, chocolate, blue and lilac.  In the past I dabbled with torties, reds and creams but I have now decided to concentrate on the other colours, in particular I would like to breed a good black tipped silver.

The breeding programme I follow (set by the Burmilla Cat Club) allows me to use only Burmilla, Burmese and Chinchilla cats.  So my pedigrees include mainly Burmilla cats with occasional outcrosses to Burmese to improve type while Chinchilla only appears in first generation crosses with Burmese.  Recently I imported cats from Australia, Majorca and Denmark to expand my gene pool.   The Danish and Majorcan cats have distant ancestors who are cats I exported many years ago. 

My breeding Burmillas are tested for polycystic kidney disease and hypokalaemia.

My history with Burmillas

Originally I worked through The Cat Association of Britain, which was then the British member of the Fédération Internationale Féline.  Now my cats are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.   My UK FIFe cattery name is Brandywell and GCCF prefix is Wellbrand.  I have been a member of the Burmilla Cat Club for more than 20 years and am currently its Chairman.  I am also a member of the Asian Cat Association.

My first litter was born in 1991, giving me (FIFe) Grand International Champion Brandywell Cuban Flower.  Her son was GIC Brandywell Alexander, who went to Australia and back, and her great-grandson was exported to Sweden, later becoming European Champion Brandywell Quiot. I have kept a stud cat since 1994 and currently own three studs.  All my breeding cats descend from the first Burmilla litter via Gemma, bred by Miranda von Kirchberg and owned by Charles and Thérèse Clarke.