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About the breeds

Chinchillas have been bred since the 19th century.   Within GCCF, Golden Persians achieved Championship status about 20 years ago, while Shaded Silver Persians achieved championship status in 2011.

My breeding policies

The Persian and Exotic breeds have been devastated by Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), so I have only bought in PKD negative queens and used PKD negative studs.  Good health and good temperament are my main goals, but I am also keen that the breed maintains a reasonable size, and try to breed with this in mind.

My history with Exotics and Chinchillas

In 1995 I bought a Chinchilla, but no success in breeding with her - but she was a super pet.  In 2002 I bought an Exotic as an experiment with short haired Persians.  She gave me one litter of lovely kittens but circumstances meant she had to be neutered.  When my Chinchilla died I decided to give a home to two older neutered Chinchillas males, Henry and Bungle, because the breed is very important to me.  They were lovely pet boys and a credit to their breed.   Henry was shown as a pedigree pet, and achieved the proud title of Grand Master Cat!  I now have 2 studs, and five gold and silver queens, including two imports from Germany.  This is my base to work from and  hope to have some beautiful kittens from them.