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Many thanks to Alan Robinson ( and Robert Fox ( for their wonderful photographs over the years.   See their websites for more images.   Also thanks to Mario Magé for his photos of my Chinchillas ( and Barry Newcombe for his photos of my tipped Exotic girl (email:




Gazzella Cats

Barbara Gazzaniga -  Burmilla


Burmilla Cat Club

Independent club devoted to Burmillas and Asians

Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB)

A charity dedicated to promoting health and welfare of cats though improved knowledge, to help us all care better for our cats


Sigismund Burmese

Hazel Jones - Burmese


Owletts Cats

Rosemary Fisher - Chinchilla, Exotic


Asian Cat Association

Affiliated to GCCF.

Devoted to Asians including Burmillas, some Burmese

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF)

The primary governing body of the cat fancy in the United Kingdom





Vivaldi Persians

Wendy Wallace - Persian, Chinchilla, Exotic


Bellabonny Cats (Majorca)

Gwen D'arcy - Burmilla, Burmese, Bengal


Chinchilla, Silver Tabby & Smoke Cat Society

Affiliated to GCCF.

Devoted to Chinchillas, Silver Tabby and Smoke Persians, and Exotics

UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory

Lab which can gene test for several fatal genes, the longhair gene, various colour genes and parentage



Misapotanien Cats (Denmark)



Kennbury Cats

Claire Lovell - Asian, Burmese


Burmese Cat Club

Affiliated to GCCF.

Devoted to Burmese

Cats Protection (was CPL)

The UK's leading feline welfare charity, specialising in finding homes for cats and kittens