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Burmillas, Burmese and Silver/Golden Persians

Located in the Forest of Dean, a beautiful rural part of Gloucestershire,
we enjoy our hobby of breeding and showing cats.

           We are experienced breeders of Burmilla and Burmese, and now also have Golden and Silver Persians.
The males live on their own but close to the other cats while the females live in groups of two,
as they like company.  Also a number of cats and kittens live in the house.

All the breeding cats live in heated houses, and have heated beds.
The runs are roofed and generously sized, and overlook our pretty garden.


email: info@wellbrand.co.uk              telephone: 01594 564390  

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Chinchilla kittens available December:


One female and two males

(pet homes only)




Brandy & Telemachus

(neutered male Burmilla brothers)


Available now

*** REHOME***


Alfie (male Burmilla) is a big neuter with bags of personality!   He needs a new home with someone who is prepared to spend time getting to know him and can accept his "little ways"

      Many thanks to Alan Robinson, Robert Fox, Mario Magé and Barry Newcombe for the professional photographs on this website
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