Saturday League Batting Saturday League Bowling Clubman of the Year Young Player of the Year
Trophy Name Wilford Sampson Trophy Dougie Rush Trophy Linley Trophy W. Kirkham Award
Qualification See Notes 1,2 & 3 See Notes 11 & 12 At the discretion of the Committee At the discretion of the Committee
1974   J. Sadler M. Miller M. Jones
1975   Clive Linley Jim Todd Steve Rose
1976   Alec Rose T. Black G. Taylor
1977   Alec Rose A. Miller I Buswell
1978   Alec Rose R. Harrison Mick Wagstaff
1979   T. Hayes R. Rose Steve Rose
1980 R. Eyley N. Thompson R. Harrison Steve Rose
1981 R. Eyley  N. Thompson G. Needham K. Rose
1982 (no winner) (no winner) Dave Fawcett Steve Rose
1983 (no winner) (no winner) Jim Todd K. Rose
1984 Richard Stark Alec Rose G. & B. Needham S. Musson &
S. Henson
1985 Alec Rose Alec Rose Fraser Macintyre D. Coleman
1986 Richard Stark S. Henson Alec Rose (no winner)
1987 Richard Stark Gary Bardill Dave Fawcett Neil Fawcett
1988 Neil Fawcett Alec Rose Gary Bardill (no winner)
1989 Gary Bardill Alec Rose Brian Robbins & John Reynolds D. Bradley
1990 Alec Rose Kevin Rose Michael Brown F. Innes
1991 Michael Brown Gary Bardill Tea Ladies D. Bradley
1992 Alec Rose Gary Bardill J. Wagstaff Jamie Macintyre
1993 Michael Brown Gary Bardill John Reynolds Glenn Bardill
1994 Alec Rose Alec Rose Eric Pepper Glenn Bardill
1995 Michael Brown Gary Bardill Eric Pepper Glenn Bardill
1996 Neil Fawcett Gary Bardill Fraser Macintyre Gareth Hughes
1997 Dave Bracegirdle Gary Bardill T. Rose Gareth Hughes
1998 Dave Hughes Dave Bracegirdle Linda Bardill Gareth Hughes
1999 Gary Bardill Michael Brown Eric Pepper John Pepper
2000 Chris Smith Gary Bardill John Pepper (no winner)
2001 Chris Smith Michael Brown Malcolm Hawley (no winner)
2002 Steve Rose Andy Meal Chris Smith Paul Watson
2003 Chris Smith Andy Meal John Pepper Joe Warriner
2004 Chris Smith Nigel Howitt Steve Barthorpe Jamie Wagstaff
2005 Chris Smith Nigel Howitt John Pepper Jamie Wagstaff
2006 Chris Smith Dave Bracegirdle Eric Pepper Andrew Rose
2007 Jamie MacIntyre Malcolm Hawley Alec Rose Andrew Rose
2008 Jamie MacIntyre Dave Bracegirdle Malcolm Hawley Andrew Rose
2009 Stuart Simpson Martin Wilson Nigel Collins Andrew Rose
2010 Jamie MacIntyre (no winner) Chris Jagger Andrew Rose
2011 Stuart Simpson Stuart Simpson Rodney Hogg Andrew Rose
2012 Stuart Simpson Andrew Rose Steve Barthorpe & Alec Rose Sam Wagstaff
2013 Martin Wilson Malcolm Hawley Malcolm Hawley Sam Wagstaff
2014 Sam Wagstaff Malcolm Hawley Jamie Macintyre Charlie Turlukowski
Award Saturday Duck   Evening League Batting Evening League Bowling Special Award
Trophy Name   Jean Hughes Award      
Qualification See Note 21 At the discretion of the Committee See Notes 31, 32 & 33 See Notes 41 & 42 At the discretion of the Committee
1995 Gary Bardill        
1996 Dave Hughes        
1997 John Charlesworth &
Fraser Macintyre
1998 Nigel Barthorpe        
1999 Fraser Macintyre        
2000 Glenn Green        
2001 Glenn Green        
2002 Andy Meal        
2003 Andy Meal        
2004 Joe Warriner Dave Bracegirdle     Chris Jagger
2005 (no winner) Malcolm Hawley Nigel Howitt Andrew Rose Karen Winter
2006 John Pepper Jamie MacIntyre Mick Wagstaff Tom Rose Janet Meal
2007 Andrew Rose Stuart Simpson Mick Wagstaff Malcolm Hawley Tom Rose
2008 Tom Rose Tom Rose Tom Eastwood Malcolm Hawley Janet Meal
2009 Nigel Collins   Dave Tilbury Nathan Suiter Alec Rose
2010 Jamie Groden   Dave Tilbury Andrew Rose Andrew Rose
2011 Andrew Rose   Geoff Middleton Glenn Bardill Jamie MacIntyre
2012 Sam Wagstaff   Geoff Middleton Nathan Suiter Martin Wilson
2013 Jonathan Meal   Martin Wilson Andrew Rose Craig Jewitt
2014 Jamie Macintyre   Craig Jewitt <not awarded> Alec Rose
1 (from 2005): 100 runs & 9 innings
2 (from 2010): 300 runs & 10 innings
3 (in 2014) awarded for 300 runs+ as only 13 matches out of 18 played
11 (from 2005): Lowest average with 10 wickets and 40 overs
12 (from 2010): Lowest average with 20 wickets
21 (from 1995): Most 0 & OUT scores on Saturday
31 (from 2005): Best Average
32 (from 2012): min 160 runs
33 2014: Best Average - management decision to award
41 (from 2005): Best Average
42 (from 2012): min 10 wkts