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A Study Tour of Milan, Pavia & Mantua with Margaret Knight

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Milan: Art and Power

28 March – 2 April 2009

‘Art and Power’ takes you to Milan and Mantua, two of the great centres of Ducal patronage in Medieval and Renaissance Italy and to Pavia where the great Carthusian monastery is a testimony to the dynastic grandeur of the Visconti and Sforza lords. Milan and Mantua were both wealthy and politically stable cities by the 14th century and both were ruled by powerful dynasties. The Visconti of Milan and their successors the Sforza married into the royal house of France and were among the most ruthless and ambitious families in Italy. The Gonzaga of Mantua held the balance of power between Milan and Venice, maintaining their position with a shifting series of alliances. Both ruling houses were collectors and patrons of the arts, enriching their courts and their capital cities with magnificent works made by the most prestigious artists, architects and craftsmen. This tour will reveal what is possible when art meets power.  



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