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experimental music since 1969

Welcome to the EMC Archive, a treasury of papers, articles, research and so on which you can't find elsewhere. Some of these papers were uploaded before the launch of the more-formal Jems (like the Chant and Coates articles), but are significant additions to experimental scholarship, nonetheless. Some of them (like 'Historical Assumptions') are too informal or flawed for current publication, but may, nevertheless, have some points of interest.

Archive Contents:

Virginia Anderson: 'Historical Assumptions of the Avant-Garde and Experimental Movements: The Participants and Their Historians'Added August 2002.

Michael Chant: 'A Turning Point in Music History'. Added 10 September 2002.

Bruce Coates: 'The Construction and Application of a Model for the Analysis of Linear Free Improvised Music'. Added 27 November 2002.