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6 January 2007:

Virginia Anderson.  Visible Language Fluxus issues (Fluxus and Legacy, 39/3 (October 2005) and After Fluxus 40/1 (January 2006)) [Review].

12 September 2005:

Rob Haskins.  Another Look at Philip Glass: Aspects of Harmony and Formal Design in Early Works and Einstein on the Beach.

27 October 2004:

John Tilbury.  Cornelius Cardew.
Originally published in Contact 26 (1983), 4-11.

21 June 2004:

Dave Smith.  Following a Straight Line: La Monte Young.
Originally published in Contact 18 (1977-78), 4-9, and updated.

19 April 2004:

Michael Parsons.  Howard Skempton: Chorales, Landscapes and Melodies.
Originally published in Contact 30 (1987), 16-29.
_______.  The Music of Howard Skempton.
Originally published in Contact 21 (1980), 12-18.

19 March 2004:

Dave Smith.  The Piano Sonatas of John White.
Orginally published in Contact 21 (1980), 4-11.

17 March 2004:

Virginia Anderson.  Chinese Characters and Experimental Structure in Cornelius Cardew’s The Great Learning.

Daniel Varela.  ‘A Question of Language’: Frederic Rzewski in conversation about Cornelius Cardew.

Gavin Bryars.  Vexations and its Performers
Originally published in Contact 26 (1983), 12-20.
John Tilbury.  The Experimental Years: A View from the Left
Originally published in Contact 22 (1981), 16-21.