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Experimental Music Catalogue

experimental music since 1969

The EMC Catalogue:

Old EMC Anthologies:
OEMC001 Christopher Hobbs and John White. Duo Percussion Anthology. £5
OEMC007 Robert Ashley/Gavin Bryars/Phil Gebbitt/Chris Hobbs/Hugh Shrapnel. Verbal Anthology. £5

PTO Music:
PTO002 Christopher Hobbs. Percussion Anthology. £12
PTO003 Christopher Hobbs. PTO Anthology. £15
PTO008 Hugh Shrapnel. PTO Anthology. £12
(who the heck are the PTO? Well, here's your answer!)

PNO005 Christopher Hobbs. 24 Preludes for Piano. £15
PN0010 Christopher Hobbs. L'Auteur se Retire. £12
PFO013 Michael Parsons. Piano Pieces 1971-74. £10
PF0017 Christopher Hobbs. Fifty in Two Thousand.(score) £6.50
CC0019 Cornelius Cardew. Boolavogue. £9.
CC0020 Cornelius Cardew. Thälmann Variations. £6
CC0021 Cornelius Cardew. Piano Album 1973. £7
CC0022 Cornelius Cardew. Piano Album 1974. £6
PN0031 Erik Satie. Le fils de étoiles. New edition by Christopher Hobbs. £12.50
PF0033 Christopher Hobbs. Sonatina (1975). £10
PF0034 Christopher Hobbs. Piano Piece 1973. £3
PF0035 Christopher Hobbs. Sonatina 1979. £12.50

CL0014 Christopher Hobbs. Six Preludes and Five Chorales. £6.50
CL0016 Christopher Hobbs. Swiftly to Virginia. £5
CL0025 Dave Smith. Mitchell Principles and Laws on Central Albania.£5.50
FREE!Christopher Hobbs. Why Not? for bass clarinet. See The EMC Clarinet Page for instructions and for a handy guide to experimental clarinet music.
CL0028 Dominy Clements. Extant-Extinct.£12
CL0029 Christopher Hobbs. Recitative for bass clarinet, vibraphone, celesta, and percussion. £5
CL0030 Christopher Hobbs. Rites of Passage for solo clarinet, piano (playing tam-tam). £5

VC0012 Christopher Hobbs. 4 Morgenstern Songs. £7
VC0011 Christopher Hobbs. No One May Ever Have the Same Knowledge Again. £5
VC0015 Michael Parsons. Expedition to the North Pole. £10
CC0023 Cornelius Cardew. Three Bourgeois Songs. £7.50

EMC104. New! Christopher Hobbs. Sudoku Music. Double CD - £10.
BR0034 New! Dave Smith. Dave Smith plays Smith. Dave Smith, piano. (CD) £10.
BR0033 Horace and Walter Cardew, Stephen Moore, and others. Chioma Sings Tales of Danny Dark. New Price!(CD) £7
EMC103 Erik Satie. Le fils de étoiles. Played by Christopher Hobbs. £10
BR0032 Paul Dunmall and Bruce Coates. 19 Years Later. Soprano Saxophone Duet. £10
EMC102 The Promenade Theatre Orchestra. The Orangery: October 1, 1972.(CD) £10
BR0027 Michael Parsons. Piano Music 1977-1996. Record No. MP0198 (CD) £10
EMC101 Christopher Hobbs. Fifty in Two Thousand.(CD) £10
CC0024 Cornelius Cardew. Memorial Concert. £30

BR0004 Virginia Anderson. British Experimental Music: Cornelius Cardew and His Contemporaries. £20    Note: Out of print. Watch for a new edition soon!

All prices not including postage and packing.