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The PTO at the Orangery

Chris Hobbs writes:

The EMC is delighted to announce the release of a classic concert by the Promenade Theatre Orchestra, the group of four composer-performers (Alec Hill, Christopher Hobbs, Hugh Shrapnel and John White) which existed from around 1970 until 1973. This concert was given in The Orangery, in London's Holland Park on October 1 1972, and includes major works by Hill (Large Change Machine) and Shrapnel (Four Toy Pianos) along with shorter pieces by Hobbs (the original version of Aran, later recorded on Brian Eno's Obscure label) and White. There are twelve works in all, presenting a characteristic cross-section of the PTO's distinctive style. As the group's publicity put it:

The PT Orchestra!

The Orchestra YOU can afford for that extra special occasion!
Restful reed-organs, tinkling toy pianos, soothing psalteries, suave swanee whistles, jolly jew's harps -
NO noisy electronics! (Just the job for that lazy Sunday afternoon!)
All musical material guaranteed thru-composed - NO hit-or-miss improvisation!

This historic concert, recorded, remastered and edited by Bryn Harris (and Laurie Baker), contains all the excitement and danger of a live concert (with the contributions of a baby, who is now in their 30s), and contains:

1. Hobbs: Aran
2. White: Gothic Waltz
3. Hobbs: Straight Off the Top
4. White: Gothic Changeling
5. Hobbs: Imitation Roll-Off
6. Hobbs: Oxford Street Walk
7. Shrapnel: Four Toy Pianos
8. White: All the Elevens
9. Shrapnel: Ambroise Farman's Memory
10. Hill: Large Change Machine
11. Burke arr. Shrapnel: Carolina Moon
12. Hobbs: McCrimmon Will Never Return

Shown below: The PTO at the Orangery. (L to R) Christopher Hobbs, Hugh Shrapnel, Alec Hill and John White.

PTO picture

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