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experimental music since 1969

How to Order

To order, contact us at questions**experimentalmusic.co.uk (replace ** with the usual @ when mailing us). Give us the titles and catalogue numbers of the items of which you're interested. If you'd like to know more about them, or if there's something else you want which you don't see here, then get in touch, and we'll try to answer your query.

We will figure out the postage and packing charge - please tell us which country you would like your order sent to and whether you'd like it air or surface mail to help us to do so! - and let you know the total by return email. There are two ways to pay: by Paypal and by cheque.

By Paypal. Those of you who have found our cheque charges for dollars and other non-sterling currency too much, well, we did, too. All the money went to our bank and it was the best we could find at the time. However, Paypal allows us to receive payments by Visa and Mastercard for a small (reasonable) fee. Go to Paypal's web site to see if it's for you; with it, ordering through us should be faster, quicker and cheaper. There is a small charge for the use of this service which we'll have to pass on, but it's usually only one or two pounds instead of almost £7 the banks charge. We've been told that it's easier to join if you're resident of the US, Britain, and certain other countries: check their site for more information on this. Also, in our experience we've found the conversion rate used by Mastercharge and Visa to be okay, so if you want to pay by credit card in pounds sterling, rather than having us convert the price into dollars, euros or yen, it might work out slightly cheaper.

By cheque or international money order. If you choose to order using a cheque or money order, we will ask you to make the payment out to "Experimental Music Catalogue" and send it to us (we'll give you the address when you order). There's a charge for cheques made out to us in currencies other than pounds sterling by our bank: because the dollar is particularly weak to the pound, it's a big one, so you may be able to find a better deal converting into pounds where you are.

Delivery. As soon as we get payment, we will send out your order. If you're ordering music which you are going to play in public, let us know when you're going to do so and we'll put a notice on our Events page. And do let us know about the way you got into experimental music and how you like it - it's really fun to hear from all kinds of 'experimental' people!

Guide for contributors

The EMC welcomes new works by composers for consideration as to publication. Simply contact us telling us about your music, and we will tell you how to submit your score for our perusal.

What the EMC looks for. All decisions about the content of the EMC are made by the directors of the EMC and all such decisions are final. These decisions may be made on criteria other than the quality of the submission, for good or for ill; rather they are made on the basis of whether a submission can be thought of as an EMC piece. The EMC house style has been that of English experimental music in all of its manifestations throughout the years: a tendency toward quirky eclecticism is one of the main features of this movement. Other features may be discerned through a study of the works of EMC composers through the years. What the EMC does not want is for contributors to re-invent the wheel, however. A genuinely original work will be looked upon with more favour than a slavish imitation Voicepiece orThe Piano (unless the originality of a good pastiche is meant).

Keep watching this space. As in the old EMC, the new EMC will be publishing anthologies of new works. If you're on our mailing list, you will receive word of any search for compositions; otherwise, you can find all such news on this page.

Address for submissions: submit**experimentalmusic.co.uk (for **, substitute @)

Spam and Privacy Policy

The EMC hates spam as much as anyone else. We do not use addresses of subscribers on email lists we may join and will only mention EMC music on these lists if it is pertinent to discussions or the ethos of the list and preferably with the permission of the list owner. The EMC will never sell any address list it holds, nor any information on EMC clients.

We understand that there is too much traffic in emails these days, so if the EMC Bulletin is not for you, then send a message to nothanks**experimentalmusic.co.uk (for **, substitute @) and we'll part as friends.

On a related subject, we will never send you an attachment unless you have requested it (such as in our current 'Why Not?' offer). There's been a spate of Microsoft viruses which have in a couple of circumstances taken our address from a victim's afflicted inbox and we have, ourselves, got viruses sent from 'ourselves' (actually a spoofed address). We send our Bulletin and correspondence about orders and submissions in plain text. For safety's sake (to deter the accidental transmission of viruses), we would appreciate prior notification if you want to send attachments to us (submission materials, for instance).