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Christopher Hobbs: Sudoku Music

Chris Hobbs has been obsessed for the last two years with Sudokus - the addictive puzzle game that's taken over most newspapers' games pages, especially here in Britain. Chris was especially interested in the hexadecimal (16 x 16) letter-and-number game known in the Independent newspaper as 'super', and in other places as 'mega' sudoku.

sudoku music

But rather than just sitting around wasting his time playing these sudokus, Hobbs, one of the pioneers of British minimalism known as systems music, decided to use the results to generate pieces. Hence Sudoku Music.

Chris has set these sudoku pieces using the Apple program Garageband, its basic home electronic music application. You may have heard some of these loops in television programmes before. Chris's use of Apple's basic program (rather than their more professional Logic Pro and Logic Express) is part of his ethic as a postmodern experimental composer, in which great music can be made on cheap and cheerful sound sources. And, luckily, Garageband has just the great sounds and noises that make for great music.

Now, Chris has recorded Sudoku Music on a double CD - two hours of Sodoku-derived systems pieces (ten in all). You can get Sudoku Music for £10, plus postage and packing, via the usual EMC means - Paypal or cheque (cheques only in UK sterling, please - we don't want the banks to have all your money!).

Sudoku Music includes these ripping titles:

Have a go at them. We've put a few samples on our Blog Pages - 'Other Types of Music' - go to 'EMC Sounds' and read more about this work on the EMC Blog. Soon you, too, will know them as 'the one with the drums', 'the one with the bells', 'the piano one', and so on. Just like Friends!

Bop 'til you drop with Sudoku Music!
Every home should have Sudoku music!
Don't leave home without Sudoku music!

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