Communal House

The communal house is the hub of the community. It is an extension to your living room. The intention is to eat together regularly. Take a break from your home/office and have a cup of tea in the communal house and have an ad hoc chat with whoever else is there. Members are expected to be on cooking and other rotas, when you eat communally is up to you. Pottery, arts and crafts, dancing etc can all happen here. The communal house is not a venue to be booked its always available to members. Although, of course all sorts of parties and celebrations will happen there. Householders can either pay 6,000 (single studios 3,000) outright or pay around 40/month. Service charges for maintenance, running costs and ground rent will be about 10/month. Members will be responsible for their own house maintenance, insurance bills etc. Decision making regarding the communal house will be by consensus like decisions about all other communal matters.

Design of the communal house.