House types and Plot costs

Buildings Costs are approximate & based on £70/sq. ft.

House Type

Cost of Plot

Cost of Building

Finished House /Flat

Studio top 256 sq. ft. (X3)




Studio bottom 270 sq. ft. (X3)




Studio house 570 sq. ft. (X3)




2 bed attic flat 500 sq. ft. (X1)




2 bed ground flat 500 sq ft (X1)




2 bed flat 650 sq. ft.  (X5)




3 Bed House 900 sq.ft. (X8)




4 Bed House 1300 sq.ft. (X6)




4 Bed Slad Rd 1360 sq. ft. (X2)




4/5 Bed House 1600 sq. ft. (X 6)




Members must first buy their chosen plot and then pay for the building. The above plot costs are fixed on 1st June 2001 and increase by 10% p.a. pro rata.  See  “How to Join” for details on paying for the plot and the building phase. Each household must pay £6,000 (£3,000 for single studios) towards the communal house or service a mortgage of about £40/month. Building is expected to start in Nov/Dec 2001 and finish in Summer 2002. Integral parking is included with the remaining houses on Slad Road, private parking  spaces can be bought for £2,000 for the studios and flats. There will be a car sharing scheme operating – so owning a car is not necessary. Bicycle storage is available.


Subsidy for Stroud Residents with low income

The Cohousing Company is providing an equity share of £10,000 for each of 3 units. Two of these subsidies are still left as of 21st  June 2001. They  apply to either the studio house or the ground floor flat. That means that for instance the ground floor flat will only cost £47,000 instead of £57,000 – that will allow you to get a mortgage without a deposit, as the £10,000 will count as 17.5% deposit. Please apply to if you think you may be eligible. There are special arrangements for paying reduced amounts for shares and servicing the loan during the building phase.