The Architects

Jono Hines of Architype and Pat Borer are both award winning green/eco architects. Pat Borer has written the Whole House Book, Ecological building design and materials, published by the Centre for Alternative Technology Tel 01654 702400 or . They have been working closely with the existing 15 members to design the community. The houses will be beautiful, with sun-decks, balconies etc. The designs will be informed by a book called The Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander and The Cohousing Book by Kathryn McCamant.

The Cohousing Company has employed a Quantity Surveyor, Graham Stowe of Dennis Rooney Associates to make sure we keep to costs, a structural engineer, David Tasker to advise on efficient foundations, retaining walls etc, an Energy Consultant, John Willoughby who advises us on ecological issues, insulation, water re-use, electricity and heating, Nick Grant a Sewage and water expert and Bob Bray who advises on sustainable drainage and landscaping.

It is likely we will be using rain water harvested in tanks for flushing toilets. The toilets will be very low water use 2L/4L. Sustainable drainage means that most of the surface water will be collected and used for toilet flushing and the rest will drain away on site very little will need to go into the public storm water system low impact on the infrastructure and minimal change from a Greenfield site. The communal house will have a turf roof. This will allow lower run-offs, the grass will replace what was built on and it looks good.

All of the houses will either have solar panels for water heating or be able to retrofit them.