The Cohousing Company Ltd.

Site layout agreed on 11th November 2000 (needs updating)

New Cohousing project in Stroud: 14 flats 1 common house, units still available

NB Springhill Cohousing Community has now been built and lived in since 2003. check This site is archived and a reminder of how we started.

The Cohousing Company bought the above site in Stroud, SW England on 4th September 2000 . This will be the first new build Cohousing Community in the U.K. ? It is a very exciting housing project, which was 30% pre-sold (by our members) before we completed on the land purchase. ?Building work started on August 5th 2002 . As of February 2005, the whole site is complete and all residents have moved in. The Common House is being painted. The kitchen group is designing and fitting the kitchen. We have a few ?residents meetings. A large birthday party is planned for last w/e in February.

The site received detailed planning permission for 35 houses/flats on 12th June 2001. The purpose of the Cohousing Company is to obtain detailed planning permission for a cohousing community, to sell building plots to its members, arrange and manage the building works. The design is based on and informed by the 2 books, Cohousing by McCamant and The Pattern Language by Alexander. Both can be bought via On completion of the building work, the Freehold will be transferred or sold to the Springhill Cohousing Company Ltd. Each householder will be an equal shareholder in the Stroud Cohousing Company. That company will manage and own the common land and the communal house. Decision making will be by consensus.