What to do now?

Get excited and join!

As of June 13th 2001 all that is left  are 2 houses, one flat and a few studio units. To secure a unit you will need to pay for the “plot cost” in full. Building is expected to start in November. At that time you either pre-pay the building costs in full or in part with a discount of 2% and/or pay  interest at 5% p.a. on the outstanding estimated building costs.   The interest payments are paid in equal monthly instalments until completion. Building works are expected to take 9 months..

If you are still very keen please contact David via e-mail  info@cohouses.net.  David is the project coordinator. He will let you know if what you want is still available. David will try to answer any questions. When making contact please say something short about yourself and why you are interested. You will need to invest a further £5,000 to become a member of the company and to make decisions about the development process. We expect this to be refunded with either a small profit or a small loss.