[former] Congregational Chapel, All Stretton
[former] Congregational Chapel, The Row, All Stretton
A Congregational Church was formed here in 1872, meeting in a cottage until 1895 when they moved to larger premises in the Row. This small 20th century chapel was built in 1907. The foundation stones were laid on the 20th May, and opened on the 5th August 1907. The chapel was built at a cost of about £240. The building was described in the Shrewsbury Chronicle at the time as "a novel one" to be erected by Frazzi Construction Co., of Whitechapel, London and the concrete foundations were laid by Mr A. H. Powell of Church Stretton. The chapel was still in use in 1974 when a photograph of it was taken, which is now in Shropshire Archives. It closed in 1984. By 1993 the building had been converted to residential use and is now (2021) totally unrecognisable as a former chapel, but is helpfully named "CHAPEL END".
Gred ref: SO 460956

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