[former] Independent Chapel, Newport [former] Independent Chapel, Beaumaris Lane, Newport
This chapel in Beaumaris Lane was built in 1803 to accommodate an Independent congregation which had originally been established in 1765 but had had only limited success. In 1797 it was reported that a chapel was erected about "twenty years ago, but had been shut up for more than half that time, was re-opened by the Rev. Mr. Wilson of Drayton". By the early 19th century it was too small for the growing congregation, hence the move to a new chapel in 1803. It was opened on the 8th June 1803 and was licensed at the county quarter sessions on 12th July 1803. It was said that "the former [chapel] being obliged to be pulled down." In 1832 the Independents moved again, this time to an impressive new chapel in Wellington Road. The old chapel in Beaumaris Lane was then converted into two cottages, which have now been demolished, and the site cleared.

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