[former] Black Mountain Baptist Chapel
[former] Black Mountain Baptist Chapel, Bettws-y-Crwyn,
It is not yet certain when this chapel was built. There were Baptists meeting in the parish in the early 19th century; they registered a house for Baptist worship in 1809-10. In the 1851 Religious Census there were reported to be 74 Baptists meeting in a farm at their morning service. The chapel had been built by 1881 when it appears on the Ordnance Survey map of that year. In the 1950s the chapel was in a poor state of repair and so closed, but was re-opened in 1956. The chapel finally closed in September 1996. This photograph was taken in 2006 when the chapel was derelict. The chapel is now (2019) being renovated by the local community.
Grid ref: SO 202826

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Photograph © John Bowdler 2006

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