Zions's Hill Independent Chapel, Bomere Heath Zion's Hill Independent / Congregational (latterly Presbyterian Church of Wales) Chapel, Bomere Heath
This sandstone chapel, originally Independent / Congregational, but since 1879 Calvinistic Methodist (i.e. Presbyterian Church of Wales), was opened in July 1827 & certified as a place of worship by George Rogers, minister, on 4 September of that year. It was built at a cost of £226 3s. 8d. for a congregation meeting since 1824 at the "Crab Mill" (where cider had been made). In 1851 there were 14 free seats and 160 rented seats in the chapel. They had 36, 64 and 26 attenders at their morning, afternoon and evening services respectively on 30 March 1851, and had 24 Sunday scholars. It was said then that if necessary, a gallery accommodating 60 people could be erected. The chapel was licensed for the solemnising of marriages on 17th April 1854. The porch on the left, and the vestry at the right-hand end are later additions. It has a graveyard attached, but most of the gravestones have been removed. When their pastor left to minister at Hadnall & Clive chapels in November 1878, the Calvinistic Methodist after a 12 month gap rented the chapel for £4 p.a. The chapel was renovated with a new pulpit and pews in 1886. It was reported in the "Montgomery Express" in April 1896 that the congregation had received notice to quit the chapel rented by them, but an agreement must have been reached about the use of the chapel after this. About 1898 it was reported that the Independents and the Calvinistic Methodists were worshipping together. In March 1903 it was reported that the chapel had been sold to the Presbyterians for £150. The chapel held its last service on 11th January 2020 and has now closed. It is up for sale in March 2021. In early 2022 an application was made for it to be converted into a children's day nursery.
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