Builders who are known to have built nonconformist chapels in Shropshire

BLAKEMORE, J. of Oakengates:
BLAKEMORE, John & Son, of Oakengates: BRAY, Thomas, of Finger Lane, Dawley: CARLESS, R., of Hopton: CARVER, John, of Wellington: CRUMP, Robert, of Hadley: CROSS, Mr. of Shrewsbury: DAVIES, J. Whitridge, of Oswestry: EDWARDS, Nathanael, of Ruyton: ELLAMS, Mr., of Silverdale: EVANS, Mr., of Yockleton: GETHIN, W. & J. of Shrewsbury: GOUGH, Mr., of Bishop's Castle: GRIFFITHS, James, of Dudleston: GRIFFITHS, W. & Son: GRIFFITHS, William, of Knockin: HARRIS, William, of Shrewsbury: HOWELL, W., of Ellesmere: HUDSON, Joseph, of Dawley: JAMES, Thomas (architect & builder): JENNINGS, D. (architect & builder), of Bridgnorth: JONES, Messrs & Son of Bishop's Castle: JONES, D. P. of Welshpool: JONES, George: JONES, Oliver, of Shrewsbury: JONES, Philip: JORDAN, K. & Francis, R. of Ford Street: KNIGHT, H. of Walsall: LUCAS, Mr.: MARTIN, William, of Donnington: MILLINGTON, Messrs. & Son, of Oakengates : MORRIS, W. & CHAPLIN, J. of Oswestry: PACE, Thomas, of Shrewsbury: POWELL, R.: POWELL & ROGERS, Messrs. of Prees: PUGH, Mr. of Bishop's Castle: RICHARDS, Mr. of Pulley Common: ROBERTS, Mr., of Birkenhead: ROPER, A. of Wellington : RUSSELL, William: SPEAKE, T. of Church Stretton: STRINGER, John, of Sandbach: TRANTER, Mr. of St. George's: TREASURE, Messrs. & Son, of Shrewsbury: TROW, Messrs. of Wednesbury: TURFORD & SOUTHWARD, Messrs. of Ludlow: WALFORD, Mr., architect & builder: WEALE, Messrs B. & W. of Ludlow: WEALE, Charles, of Seifton: WILLIAMS, John, of Newtown:
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