Congregational Chapel, Church Stretton
Congregational (now U.R.C.) Chapel, Church Stretton
After holding meetings under the Town Hall beginning in the summer of 1858, a church was formed in 1860, and then a site for a chapel was bought for 295. The chapel, situated on the main road through Church Stretton, was designed a the gothic style by Joseph Bratton of Birkenhead, and built in 1865-6 at a cost of about 1000.Tthe foundation stone was laid on 29th August 1865. The chapel opened on the 29th May 1866. It has a stone facade, but brick sides, now rendered. The chapel was renovated in 1886. It is in good condition (and was renovated in 2006) and still in use in 2018, and belongs to the United Reformed Church.

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