[former] Clee St. Margaret Primitive Methodist Chapel [former] Clee St. Margaret Primitive Methodist Chapel
It was reported in the Primitive Methodist Magazine in 1865 that "a respectable amount is now in hand towards erecting a chapel at Clee, a place at which we had no service four years ago." The chapel was erected in 1866, the building materials being transported for free by local farmers. The foundation stones were laid on the 23rd August 1866 and the chapel opened on the 4th November following. The total cost of the chapel was £150 of which they had raised £60. The building was registered as a place of worship on 6th December 1866. It was still in use in 1964 but had closed by 1972. It was de-registered as a place of worship on 24th January 1980. This photograph was taken in 1986. The building is now used as a private garage by a nearby house.
Grid ref: SO 565845

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Photograph © Margaret Povall 1986

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