[former] Society of Friends [Quaker] Meeting House, Coalbrookdale [former] Society of Friends [Quaker] Meeting House, Coalbrookdale
In 1717 Abraham Darby's house was licensed for meetings & in 1741 a meeting house was built. This was enlarged with a burial ground 1763-1770 This was thought to be 'inconvenient' by 1808, so a new one was built on another site. In the 1851 Religious Census the Meeting House was reported to have been built before 1800. There were 200 sittings on the ground floor and 60 in the gallery. There were 25 attenders at their morning meeting and 16 at their afternoon meeting in March 1851. The meeting house closed in 1940 and was demolished in 1961.
Grid ref: SJ 66570 05043

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