Coxall Baptist Chapel
Coxall Baptist Chapel, parish of Bucknell
Baptist meetings began in 1865 in a local farm. Then a granary was converted to a meeting place. The church was formed in 1870 and then land was given by local farmer William Smith to build a chapel. This was built at the side of the road leading from Bucknell to Bedstone. The foundation stones of the chapel were laid on 6th June 1871 and the chapel (built of brick with stone dressings) opened on 2nd January 1872. The chapel was registered for solemnizing marriages on 22nd July 1885. It has its own burial ground, surrounding the chapel, which was extended in 1930. The chapel was renovated in 1928, and the chapel was still open c. 2018.
Grid ref: SO 368748.
I haven't managed to photograph it yet, but this is a rough sketch of what it looks like. When I do manage to get a photograph of it, I shall put it up here.

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