[former] Primitive Methodist Chapel, Exford's Green
[former] Primitive Methodist Chapel, Exford's Green, also known as Hurst Bank Primitive Methodist Chapel
This small chapel was erected in 1831, for a congregation which had been meeting in a private house since 1821. It had sittings for 100 worshippers and in the 1851 Religious Census had 62 worshippers at their morning service and 44 at their evening one. The chapel was lengthened by 10 feet in 1863 at a cost of �80 to accommodate an extra 50 worshippers. Eight new rising pews were installed at the end of the chapel, and new iron palisading was put in front of the chapel, fixed in stone sleepers. It re-opened on 13th September 1863. The chapel was disused by 1968. When this photograph was taken in 2010 the former chapel was semi-derelict.
Grid ref: SJ 457056

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