[former] Hadley Particular Baptist Chapel [former] Particular Baptist Chapel, Hadley
In 1816 the house of George Dean in the High Street in Hadley was licensed for religious worship. A small chapel was reported in 1851 to have been built c. 1831. However, the "Baptist Reporter" stated that a "small but neat Baptist place of worship" opened in Hadley "under promising auspices" on 4th December 1843. In the 1851 Religious Census it was said to be a separate and entire building used exclusively for religious worship. There were 25 worshippers at their afternoon service and 45 at their evening one, plus 62 Sunday scholars in the afternoon. The subsequent history of this congregation and its chapel is not yet known. Worship seems to have ceased by 1861. It does not appear on the 1882 edition of the 6" Ordnance Survey map.

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