[former] Zion Methodist Chapel, Hadley Road, New Hadley [former] Zion Methodist Chapel, Hadley Road, New Hadley
The United Methodist Free Churches had a meeting in New Hadley in 1859 and built a chapel on the north side of Hadley Road there in 1868. In 1904 the chapel was renovated. The site was acquired by Blockleys Ltd. [brick makers], for clay extraction, so a new chapel (in the photograph) was built on the south side of Hadley Road in 1932, with the bricks being provided by Blockleys. The stone laying ceremony took place on 16 April 1932. The commemorative stone reads "ZION CHAPEL/ NEW HADLEY/ 1868: REBUILT 1932/ This is the Lord's doing:/ it is marvellous in our eyes." The chapel was still open in 1981 but has since closed. The building was derelict and severely vandalised by the early years of the 21st century. I was informed in May 2005 that the building had been demolished.

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