[former] Hadnall Independent (Congregational) Chapel [former] Hadnall Independent (Congregational) Chapel
I have not found a picture of this chapel yet, but when I do I will put it up here. Old O.S. maps of Hadnall show the location of the chapel, which was on the main road running north/south through the village, just north of the crossroads. A dwelling house for nonconformist worship was licensed on 16th April 1779 by John Poole & there was preaching in a house and schoolroom in Hadnall, which was also licensed for John Poole and others on 5th December 1793. Meetings continued until a proper chapel was built, at the expence of Dame Mary Hill of Hardwicke Grange. Land was bought on 4th September 1832 & the foundation stone of the chapel was laid on the 22nd May 1833, and it opened for public worship on the 8th January 1834. A debt of about £40 still remained. The chapel was described in 1837 as a handsome new meeting-house, and in 1851 as a 'neat stone fabric'. At the time of the 1851 Religious Census it had 140 free sittings and 75 "other" sittings i.e. rented. On Census Sunday 30 March 1851 they had 71 worshippers at their morning service, 95* at their afternoon one, and 40 at their evening one. The asterisk had a note saying "The afternoon service is held every alternate Sunday, so that the number given is the number that attended on Sunday 23 March 1851. Signed on 31 March by David James, Independent minister, Hadnall, n[ea]r Shrewsbury. On 27th December 1882 the chapel was licensed for the solemnization of marriages. In 1883 the chapel was renovated and a manse built at a cost of £650. By 1929 there were only 8 members left. In 1950 the chapel was still standing, but it was unused. When the road through the village was widened in the early 1960s the chapel was demolished and the bodies in the chapel burial ground were removed and reburied in the parish churchyard. In 1961 a record was made of the burials & gravestones in the chapel's burial ground, which covered burials from 1842-1934 (copy in the National Archives).
Grid ref: SJ 522201
For a photograph of some stonework which formed part of the chapel wall uncovered in 2010, click here. For a view of a piece of plasterwork from the chapel, click here

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