[former] United  Methodist Free Church, Hook-a-gates [former] United Methodist Free Church, Hook-a-Gate
This congregation was established c. 1868. It is not yet know when the chapel was built, but it was in existence by 1870. It was built of brick in a plain style. The chapel was reported to be still in use for religious purposes in the latter part of the 20th century but has been demolished in recent years. There is a photograph of the chapel taken c. 1984 in Shropshire Archives & they also have 5 very good photographs taken in 1990, 3 of the interior and two of the exterior. The interior photographs strongly suggest that the chapel was still in use then. The chapel was de-registered as a place of worship in March 2016.
Grid ref: SJ 464090
I do not have a photograph of the chapel, but this is a rough sketch of what it looked like. If I do obtain a photograph, I shall put it up here.

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