United Methodist Free Church, Ifton Heath, St.Martin's
[former] United Methodist Free Church, formerly Wesleyan Methodist Association, Ellesmere Road, Ifton Heath, St. Martin's

This is a rough sketch of the brick chapel called "Ebenezer" (which had a schoolroom underneath & a cottage for the schoolmaster) which was built in 1856. The chapel measured 36' by 24' & cost about £300 to build. It replaced a former chapel which had been rented. The new chapel opened on the 12th April 1857. There was a plaque on the wall above the entrance whose inscription was "Ye shall keep the Sabbath and reverence my Sanctuary. Leviticus chapter 26 verse 9. AD 1856." This is possibly the chapel designated "Ifton Heath Chapel" which was registered for the solemnization of marriages on 20th February 1868. The chapel was demolished in 1914 to make way for a new Methodist chapel on the same site. The inscribed plaque (above) was removed and was placed in the porch of the new chapel.
Grid ref: SJ 326368

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