former Moss Field Baptist chapel, Ightfield [former] Moss Field Baptist Chapel, Ightfield
A small square chapel surrounded on three sides by a burial ground, was built in 1847 & was registered as a nonconformist meeting place on the 29th September 1847 by Thomas Whittingham, senior. It opened on 3rd October of that year. In Bagshaw's 1851 Directory of Shropshire, this chapel is listed under 'Edgeley' where is says "The Baptists have a neat chapel with a residence for the minister and a school attached. It is situated in the lane leading from Edgeley Moss to Ash ... and was built and endowed by Mr. Brown ... There is a small plot of ground used as a burial place for members of the congregation." In 1851 it had seating for 160 worshippers, On census Sunday in 1851 it had 36 worshippers at its morning service and 59 at its afternoon one, plus 75 at the Sunday School. By 1875 they had an organ in the chapel. The chapel closed in 1937 and has since been demolished. The associated burial ground is overgrown with trees, shrubs and wild plants. However there are surviving gravestones on the site. This is the first of the photos of those gravestones. To see two more photos of gravestones on the site, click here and here.
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