[former] Primitive Methodist Chapel, Ironbridge [former] "Providence" Primitive Methodist Chapel, Madeley Road, Ironbridge
Primitive Methodists had a cottage meeting in Ironbridge from c. 1846 and in 1851 had 20 worshippers at their afternoon service and 23 in the evening. They built a small chapel in Waterloo Street in 1860. The foundation stones of a new chapel were laid on Whit Monday 14th May 1883 following an invitation for tenders to build the chapel published in March. The chapel, costing nearl £1300, was opened on the 11th November following. A schoolroom, measuring 38 ft x 30 ft, was built underneath the chapel, plus two classrooms for adults measuring 12 ft square. The whole building was built of brick with Grinshill stone dressings. The foundation stones on the north side, where the chapel entrance was, were laid in June. In an arch over a large window in the gable was the inscription "Primitive Methodist Providence chapel" and underneath the arch was the date "1883". The chapel was designed by Messrs S & R Nevett who also contracted for the building. The chapel closed in 1941 and has since been demolished.
Grid ref: SJ 674034
A very detailed account of the building appears in the Wellington Journal of 17 November 1883, on page 7.

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