[former] Mount Zion, Wesleyan Reformers chapel, Ketley [former] Mount Zion, Wesleyan Reformers / United Methodist Free Church Chapel, Ketley
This rather charming rendered and painted chapel was built on the north side of Watling Street, near Potters Bank, in 1852 for a break-away group from the Wesleyan Methodists. The building was opened in 1853 and had joined with the Wesleyan Methodist Association to form the United Methodist Free Churches in 1857. In 1897 the chapel was re-seated and renovated. It closed c. 1966 when the new Methodist Chapel in Ketley opened. The inscription on the stone plaque on the front has been defaced except for the date MDCCCLII. In 2016 the building was occupied by the New Testament Church of God, Wellington.
Grid ref: SJ 680110

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