[former] Primitive Methodist Chapel, Meadowtown [former] Primitive Methodist Chapel, Meadowtown
No chapel in Meadowtown appears in the 1851 Religious Census nor in Bagshaw's 1851 Directory of of Shropshire. The exact date of the building of this chapel is uncertain. There is a reference in "Eddowes's Journal" of Wednesday 29 June 1870 p. 5, saying that a collection had been made in the chapel. However, other sources say that it was built in 1871. If that is the case, then there must have been a new chapel in 1871 replacing an earlier building. To add to the confusion, in 1896 the chapel celebrated its 22nd anniversary, which would make its opening 1874! The chapel was renovated in 1902 by Mr Robert Gornall of Minsterley, and in 1904 they purchased a harmonium. The chapel was temporarily closed in 1925 & re-opened in October. The chapel closed c. 1978 & by 1993 the chapel was being used as a farm store. It has now been converted to residential use. Unfortunately the commemorative stone formerly about the doorway has been taken down and the space covered by brickwork. There are two photographs of the chapel taken in 1993 in Shropshire Archives. This photograph was taken in 2019.
Grid ref: SJ 311012

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