[former] Congregational Chapel, Market Drayton [former] Congregational Chapel, Church Lane, Market Drayton
This chapel was built in 1778 by William Griffith for a congregation that had been formed in 1776, although meetings of Independents had taken place for several years before this. The chapel was licensed at the county quarter sessions in July 1778. In 1851 the chapel had sittings for 500 worshippers, and was described as "neatly fitted up and provided with galleries". On Census Sunday 30 March 1851 there were 81 worshippers at their morning service and 113 at the evening one. There also 25 at their Sunday School. It was said at the time that the size of the congregation was only half of what it had been 2 years before, due to the conduct of the minister who left the previous year, since when they had no settled minister. Extensive alterations to the back of the building took place 1865-7. including putting in a floor at gallery level and using the lower part of the building as classrooms. By 1949 the chapel had closed, and has been used for a number of different purposes since then. For a view of the other side of this former chapel, click here, and for a view of the original datestone, click here.

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