Newport Trinity Church Newport Trinity Church, Wellington Road
The Independent cause began in Newport in 1765 when a chapel was erected. However the congregation soon folded and was not revived until 1792 when the chapel was re-opened. A new chapel was built in Beaumaris Lane in 1803. This chapel was sold (probably c.1832) & subsequently converted into two cottages, which have been demolished within living memory. A new chapel was built in Wellington Road in 1831-2. It was described by contemporaries as "a neat stuccoed structure" & "handsome". It is still in use as a chapel today, having joined the United Reformed Church in 1972, and been joined in 2001 by the Methodists of Avenue Road. It is now (2016) called the "Trinity Church". Click here for a view of the church before it was restored in recent years. Click here for a view of part of the burial ground.
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